Sections: Program & SoftwareDevCapstone (Autumn Semester 2017 CIT-270-A)

CIT - Information Technology 270-A Program & SoftwareDevCapstone
CIT-270 Programming & Software Development Capstone 2 credit hours, 4 contact hours (1 hour lecture and 3 hours lab). Prerequisite: C grade (2.00) or better in CIT-160. Course is graded A-F. This course introduces the student to the application of computer programming using a relational database and system development concepts, principles and practices to create a comprehensive system development project. The student is required to analyze, design, program, test and document realistic systems using a specified current database technology. The student works on an independent-study basis with the guidance of the faculty. CIT-270 replaces CMP-2565 Directed Studies in Computers in the Quarter system.

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