Sections: Human Services Practicum I (Autumn Semester 2017 HSV-285-VA)

HSV - Human Services 285-VA Human Services Practicum I
HSV-285 Human Services Practicum I 3 credit hours, 12 contact hours (2 hours lecture, 0 hours lab, and 10 hours practicum experience per week). Prerequisite: Enrollment in the Human Services Program; completion of a minimum 24 semester hours from the Plan of Study; C grade (2.00) or better in the following: HSV-100, HSV-110, HSV-120, HSV-130, HSV-140, ENGL-112, and ENGL-113. The student must meet with the Program Director or Practicum Coordinator NO LATER THAN THE FOURTH WEEK OF THE SEMESTER PRIOR to this course. Course is graded A-F. This course is designed to provide 140 clock hours of practical experience in the field of human services. The student will be placed in a human service agency where he/she will learn agency policies and procedures, observe professionals at work, and practice his/her own human service skills. Supervision will be provided by a qualified professional and an appropriate college representative. Classroom instruction will focus on discussion of experiences encountered in the practicum setting. HSV-285 replaces HUMSVS-285 Human Services Practicum I in the Semester system. Both HSV-285 and HUMSVS-285 replace HUM-5307 Human Services Practicum I in the Quarter system.

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