Sections: ECE Field Experience (Autumn Semester 2017 ECE-289-A)

ECE - Early Childhood Educ 289-A ECE Field Experience
ECE-289 ECE Field Experience 2 credit hours, 7 contact hours (1 hour lecture [seminar], 0 hours lab and 6 hours per week field experience). Prerequisite: C grade (2.00) or better in ECE-110, ECE-120, ECE-130, ECE-140, ECE-150, ECE-160, ECE-170, ECE-180, ECE-190, ECE-285, EDU-100 and EDU-115, permission of the ECD Program Director, and concurrent enrollment in ECE-220 and ECE-230. Course is graded A-F. This course will assist the student in applying the principles, methods and practices learned in content method courses. The student will participate in a licensed, supervised early childhood setting that has been prearranged and approved by the ECE Practicum Site Coordinator. The Student Practicum/Field Experience File must be current. ECE-289 replaces ECE-287 Practicum Experience in the Semester system. Both ECE-289 and ECE-287 replace EAR-5621 ECD Field Practicum, EAR-5631 ECD Field Practicum and EAR-5641 ECD Field Practicum in the Quarter system.

Comments: Field experience time is arranged. The lecture for this class meets virtually. 
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